Teen Lingo 101: Interpreting Some Of Your Child’s Slang

Teen Lingo 101: Interpreting Some Of Your Child’s Slang

I was one day desperately looking for my now-12-year old daughter’s used school uniform before I do the laundry. I ended up texting her, asking where it is or if she hid it somewhere or anything for an answer. The reply I received – “OMG, IDEK”. I had no idea what this seven letters means. I raced onto Hello Baby Bump to try and find some answers. Is it a riddle? Is it a part of the house? It sounded like a character from the movie Star Trek to me. I was frantically searching for an answer so I texted her again and asked. I found out that it means Oh My God. I Don’t Even Know.

That was only the beginning. As I was strolling through the supermarket, I bumped into some teens around my daughter’s age. One of the girls said, “Have you seen Anne the other day? She slayed.” My heart raced and my thoughts went from “These girls witnessed a murder?”” to “Do they go to the same school as my daughter?” Then the next teen said “Lets PAP”. My feelings were again rumbled. I knew they were talking about something else at that time, but I had no idea what it was.

When I went home, first thing I did is search for what PAP and slayed means. Turns out, we have nothing to worry after all. PAP is Post a Picture and slay still means kill but they use it to refer to something amazing.

It was that moment that I realized how different the language of the teens nowadays is and how important it is to understand them. The idea of not understanding my daughter struck me and made me worried. I started researching and some really interesting slang that teenagers use today caught my attention. While most are completely innocent, we should also be wary of some phrases and words. For instance, Netflix and chill means hooking up; bae is a term of endearment for boyfriend or girlfriend; and tope is a combination of totally and dope.

Below is a list of my personal favorite expressions:

Slang Meaning Remarks
BF4L Best Friends for Life Awww. This is an evolution of the BFF and you can totally use it.
GOAT Greatest of All Time My daughter said this once and I went to my husband asking if I look like a goat to him.
Goals What you’re trying to do or achieve Be it #FriendshipGoals or #LifeGoals, at least we see some direction in them
I can’t even Use this when you are so overwhelmed you can’t comprehend or say anything I absolutely using love this. Sometimes I can’t even.
IDEK I don’t even know When your just too tired to say anything, just blurt it out IDEK

As moms, we realize how important it is to maintain good communication with our children. Good communication leads to an open relationship where both parties can express themselves and make each other understand their own point of views. Thus, when your daughter or son uses an unfamiliar term when talking to you, don’t get mad or anxious. Ask them what it means. If you’re not comfortable to ask them, use the internet and search for its meaning.