How I Survived My Baby’s Teething Experience

How I Survived My Baby’s Teething Experience

Being a mom lets you experience a lot of wonderful things. Hearing your baby’s first cry, the moment you first touch him, those endless cuddles, seeing your baby smile for the first time will send you to the rainbows. However, it’s not always going to be happy experiences. When your little one is teething, you’ll find that things could be harder for you and your baby.

Early Signs

Joe started to teeth on his fourth month, Ann on her third month. I somehow figured that the tooth was coming although it’s not quite there yet. The first thing I noticed is that they are drooling a lot; saliva is literally flowing from their mouth and I had to wipe them from time to time. Then they became so fussy, irritable, and always cried. They put everything into their mouth and feed on their fist. The second time I tried to remove Joe’s fist from his mouth, I noticed that his gums were swollen.

Mommy Struggles

Seeing my baby suffering broke my heart, especially because I couldn’t completely take away their pain. I desperately searched for remedies that could help relieve the pain. I talked to practically everyone, from my mom, friends and neighbors to the doctor and carefully considered their suggestions.

Teething Remedies

I bought Joe a colorful fruit theeter, which doubles as a toy. Luckily, it provided a self-soothing remedy to his aching gums. Years later, I bought another one for Ann. I always chilled them on the freezer when not in use and both of my children loved it.

When buying a theeter, make sure that you pick a food grade silicone and BPA-free chompers to ensure your baby’s safety.

Aside from the theeter, I also tried rubbing my clean fingers or some frozen wet wash on their gums ease their pain. I had tried everything that has the word teething on it, but my Joe’s favorite was the fruit theeter. Ann, on the other hand, loved the teething biscuits and straws.

My doctor recommended Hyland and a dab of Tylenol. These may not fit your child, however. It’s best that you consult your pediatrician before using any teething medicines.

Final Thoughts

Teething is painful. You might feel like crying when you see your child in pain. However, you must hold back your tears. You must be strong for your child. Make sure that you make your presence and support known. Aid them whichever way you can.