Heartwarming Self Portraits of Motherhood

Heartwarming Self Portraits of Motherhood

Heartwarming Self Portraits of Motherhood

At 18 years old, Miss India Sushmita Sen bagged the most coveted Miss Universe Title in 1994 with her best answer on what is the essentiality of a woman about custom paint by numbers kit. She responded that the essentiality of a woman by itself is a precious gift of God that everyone must acknowledge. She went ahead to say that a child’s origin is the mother, and it is the woman who shares love and teaches the man what love, sharing and caring is.

Viewing the diverse collection of soul-stirring, meaningful and genuine poignant trendy selfies and excellent pro photography skills that mothers show. These beautiful images remind us of the wonderful essence of a mother.

Ellen Covey created an organization of both the finest pro and wannabe photographers on Facebook which amazingly changed the game of photography. She aimed to establish the unique connection of all mothers from different cultural backgrounds on the subject matter, Self-Portraits of Motherhood.

Browse and enjoy gazing at the heavenly images of the touching and wonderful experiences of motherhood.

wonderful experiences of motherhood
















The path of motherhood was never created to cause apprehension or anxiety. A mother’s incredible journey is a precious and priceless gift from our Creator. It is a privilege that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience.

Sarah Hale shares her motivating insight, “there is no influence so powerful than that of the mother.”

Snapping selfies with your child is just like Painting Self Portraits that you can share with your child in the future.

The fast-growing Facebook community encourages all mothers to take the images of their routine duties and responsibilities with their child to capture timeless, momentous photos and personally interpret these valuable memorabilia.

Calling mommies with artistic prowess, we invite you to revel in painting self-portraits of these noteworthy heartening photographs.












Mothers deserved to be acknowledged for all the sacrifices they underwent, from the excitement of 9 months of pregnancy, grueling labor pains, sleepless nights of gassy and crying babies, teething discomfort, memorable first day in nursery school, exciting summer camp adventures, lessons of respect and discipline, unexpected college visits and to the inevitable metamorphosis into adulthood.

Snapping mommy and baby selfies is one way of documenting and enjoy every step of motherhood.

Snapping mommy and baby selfies
















Browsing through these amazing pictures is like looking through rose-colored glasses of the reality of mommyhood despite the different overwhelming challenges encountered along the way.

Every image depicts the powerful emotional bond shared by a mother and her child in which every mother can relate to.

mother and her child














These amazing images motivates every mother to believe that the invaluable job of being a mom is one of the most significant jobs on earth.  After all, we wouldn’t be here on this planet without our dearest mom.

The community of mother photographers motivates and invites all mommies to freely convey the essence of motherhood by sharing their sincere unfiltered selfies with their adorable kids.














Motherhood is a gift that must be celebrated and not to be dreaded. Every young life is embedded and blessed with your seeds of love and motherly care. Being a full-time mother is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world since the reward is genuine unconditional love.

Let’s all constantly celebrate motherhood by creating these timeless and most fulfilling memories of a lifetime with unique selfies of you & your precious child.

Life is not a matter of milestones but of special heart-rendering memories that we share with our children and treasure in this lifetime.