Teach Your Kids

5 Plant-Care Tips to Teach Your Kids

5 Plant-Care Tips to Teach Your Kids

This quarantine season has taken a toll not only on our social and financial standing but also on our mental health. While we, the adults, have been experiencing these issues, can we say that it is the same for the kids and the children? If you read this, Yes, they might not exhibit it, but they do feel the same as us, especially when their education is also at stake.

Due to this issue, we strive to find new ways to stay physically and mentally fit, and one activity that can bring inner peace to us is gardening. Gardening is one of the few physical activities where you will enjoy it and help our dying planet. As you know, plants release necessary airs for us to breathe, and I can assure you that with proper garden supplies & care, you can grow amazing plants.

Here are some tips you can teach your kids about gardening, especially when it is their first time:

  • Avoid Packing Dirt Too Firmly

Kids have specific experience of playing with dirt because of their time playing with sandboxes, beaches, or even outside the yard. Ensure that they would not pack the soil too tightly in the pot for the plants and seeds to gain a little air.

  • Set a Space for Each Seed

Each seed requires a different spacing within a range of inches to the foot, from flowers to vegetables. Provide a visual for your children so that they would not stress out the difference from an inch.

  • Proper Watering

What more do kids enjoy doing than play with water? Watering plants is one of the few fun yet dangerous things a child can do. Fun for them but can be hazardous for your growing plants as they can be overwatered. Growing plants in pots or small containers can drown or get soggy when given too much water, so it is only proper to teach them how to properly water the plants.

  • Indoor Plant Care

Most plant shops nowadays sell full-grown indoor plants in containers and pots rather than seeds as they take time to grow fully. This could be pretty exciting for some kids; you could give them a spray bottle and instruct them to water the plant properly. You could also let them observe how the plant will maintain its growth.

  • Let Them Claim Ownership

This may be the most fun activity for your kids, claiming the plant’s ownership. You can start by buying them the necessary garden supplies afterward; you can instruct them to name the growing plant. As you know, providing the proper tender loving care for your plants will help them grow healthy.

Final Words

Providing your plants with the proper garden supplies & care while also making sure that they grow healthy can be one of the most challenging and fun activities you can do. But remember, gardening is not only for your kids; you can make it a family activity and have fun with the whole gang. Do make sure that you get proper research on how to grow the plants you have in mind to prevent them from dying.