Sending my eldest son to school for the first time was both exciting and nerve-wracking for him. Joe kept talking about going to school ever since he turned four, so I knew he was happy when the day finally came. I, on the other hand, was just worried. It would be the first time he would be under the care of a person I didn’t know. Would his teachers treat him right? Would he be able to find friends? These questions ran through my head.
Days before

Being a mom lets you experience a lot of wonderful things. Hearing your baby’s first cry, the moment you first touch him, those endless cuddles, seeing your baby smile for the first time will send you to the rainbows. However, it’s not always going to be happy experiences. When your little one is teething, you’ll find that things could be harder for you and your baby.
Early Signs
Joe started to teeth on his fourth month, Ann on her third month. I somehow figured that the to