Electronic Cigarettes & Vaporizers Are the Next Big Thing

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Electronic cigarettes and vaporizer technology are still heating up as more people are finding success in the new technology. Thousands of smokers are making the transition every day and finding success when they never have in the past. These people are reporting better breathing, clearer skin, no smells and the feeling of being free toa big tobacco companies. Vapers can source e-liquids (or make them and practice DIY) with a wide range of delicious flavors stemming from American tobacco blends to cakes, pies and candy.

Lots of vapers state that by switching to a non-tobacco flavor, that e-liquid will help them stay away from cigarettes as they stop liking cigarettes after they stop smoking them. After a vaper is not accustomed to the taste if tobacco anymore, they often find that even the smell of cigarette smoke is displeasing. Though health authorities knock the vape industry for having flavors, many adults rely on them as a means to taper away from the taste of the substance that they are trying to avoid. One may look into a long island wedding photographer for such instance.

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are also cheaper. They cost less than traditional cigarettes and save users time. In addition, if a vaper does quit, then they are free of nicotine forever. Cars and house value will be more and health insurance will cost less if you are a non-smoker. As far as expenses are concerned, vaping is almost 5 times as less expensive as traditional cigarettes.

Vapers also report a great increase in energy. More energy from not smoking cigarettes correlates to greater prosperity as well as better production, which also leads to more money, which has also been proven to increase happiness. In addition, if a smoker switches to vaping, they will not be subjecting children and family to second hand smoke.

For those interested in practicing DIY in terms of e-liquids and e-juice, a vaper must only purchase a few key ingredients. These include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, water, flavoring and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. All of these products are readily available with the exception of the nicotine which can be purchased pre-distilled so that it is not as potent or life-threatening.

Vaping is also incredibly fun for the hobbyists and enthusiasts who enjoy building coils, atomizers and mods within the VTM industry, or the vapor-tank-mod market. This is a relatively harmless activity that adults can enjoy. Veteran vapers  who do not respond to internet marketing, will build batteries, mods and even use different materials like organic cotton wicks for an enhanced vaping experience that is customized to that e-cigarette user’s preference.


E-Liquid Child Safety Caps for Kids and Pets

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New electronic cigarette child safety caps are available for those with children and small pets. Most e-cigarette e-liquids come with child safety caps, though there are some unreputable brands who do not add these precautionary caps as to save money on e-liquids. Child safety caps are important because they keep the e-liquid safe from contamination.

E-Liquid is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water, and nicotine; all which can be found in everyday food (including vegetables like e-cigarette and vaporizereggplant which has nicotine!). Liquid nicotine is potent and will cause a threat to children and animals because they are not accustomed to stimulants which have not been diffused. E-Cig nicotine soaks into the skin and has a fast and potent effect. Stimulants should never be in reach of infants and pets.

Because e-cig companies know this, most e-cig vendors will use pharmaceutical containers which automatically have a child safety cap. This means that children and pets cannot get into the toxic nicotine. The issue is keeping things out of reach from kids and animals, as even aspirin and household cleaners can kill. Child safety caps eliminate the issue of children and pet nicotine overdoses.

National Veterinarian Society reported that there was some 500% nicotine overdoes in dogs and cats since the emergence of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. First off, an entire e-cig cartridge/device would have to be swallowed for an e-cigarette to cause poisoning. Second off, e-liquid should be stored away just as anything else that can harm a smaller individual. Most pet owners know to keep things like coffee and chocolate away from infants and kids. In that respect, so should electronic cigarette devices (along with tobacco and alcohol).

One question to ask is, why the focus on e-liquid? While orphans sit in homes needing families and pets are being put down by the day, why is e-liquid a primary veterinarian focus? Child safety caps are utilized for a reason. In addition, we must wonder how many animals died as a result from other poisons, most likely far more than electronic cigarettes. Yet, as usual the spotlight shines on e-liquid with claims of children and pets in harm’s way. This is an appealing tactic in terms of reach, though highly irrelevant to the e-cig industry, as if child safety caps are in place the responsibility falls on the owner.

This is another scare tactic to appeal to sensitive individuals with families, children and pets. Electronic cigarettes are portrayed as harmful devices that serve no purpose but to disrupt smokers and nonsmokers. These notions are asinine and incredibly obvious. Nobody wants to see poor Fido swallow e-liquid and die. These are the reason why child safety caps have become the go-to for those who want to keep their substances out of reach.

In the end, e-liquid and e-cigarettes pose no threat to small children and pets if stored away from them. Just like medications, vitamins and tobacco, things which can harm a child or animal need to be put away. Parents who leave substances lying around are likely to have their children get sick from other variables. In this respect, e-liquid and electronic cigarettes are very comparative. This is why the e-cig industry has instituted child-safety caps.

E-Liquid Confusion and Misconceptions by New Vapers

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Many vapers are quick to turn down a company based on ratios and aesthetics, regardless of the e-liquid quality. While many companies create e-liquids with specific ratios and ingredients to create an end-product, these e-liquids are often overlooked because of a snazzy glass bottle or a cool names like Tiger Blood or Aphrodisia. These seem inviting, though the price is a reflection upon both the fabrication and the development of the e-juices, as expensive bottles can take away from resources used for creating great e-liquids.

Other times, vapers are turned off by predetermined ratios that they generally don’t even understand. It is not uncommon to see a thriving e-liquidconfused vaper company with hidden ratios as to not detour ignorant vapers who believe that more propylene glycol makes e-liquid taste bad, when in fact, some of the best liquids available have high levels of propylene glycol.

These beliefs stem from various sources including the media which has correlated propylene glycol with antifreeze, regardless of propylene glycol being present in ice cream, tooth paste and salad dressings. Propylene glycol is a naturally occurring substance, just like vegetable glycerin, water and even nicotine. Nicotine can be found in food like eggplant, tomatoes and celery.

While some people have allergies to propylene glycol, such as throat irritation, most vapers do not. When it comes to e-liquids, the art of winery is not much different. A blindfolded Somalia will often mess up ratings if unaware of the wine that they are drinking. Similarly, e-liquid can have a placebo effect where vapers believe what they read or have been told. As a result, many high-end companies either do not allow propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin customization while not labeling the ratios or allow customization to relax the vapers who think they want more of one substance over the other. Such company can be found in industrial areas. Areas where you may find companies such as a long island water damage company.

The ultimate factor in throat harshness/ throat kick is the amount of nicotine a vaper selects, not the amount of PG or VG. Nicotine is by far the most irritating aspect of e-liquid, though it is necessary in craving smokers and vapers nicotine cravings. Generally, smokers who switch to e-cigs naturally decrease nicotine because they wish to lessen the throat hit.

There is a lack of education when it comes to new vapers, aesthetics and ingredients. Most vapers are drawn to edgy websites with fancy glass containers when a real consumer should be researching quality and taste. Vapers go through e-liquid like toilet paper, so experienced vapers generally understand that the best e-liquid could come in a basic bottle. The idea is similar to pizza; just because a pizza box (that will be discarded) isn’t as fancy as a big chain does not mean the pizza is of less quality. Most people recognize that the box doesn’t matter.

Because so many vapers are savvy and computer oriented, easy advertisements with shiny bottles are quick to lure consumers. Unfortunately, these vapers are generally consuming less quality liquids because the budget has been put into simply making the sale past the experience. In a sense, some liquid companies have created their e-liquids as alluring accessories. In the end, those packages are tossed. The best e-liquid will be of quality and not bells and whistles.